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Landscaping on a budget

Our gardens are, more often than not, the last item on the list of household duties we need to do. If your garden is huge, the scale of the project can be intimidating, whilst small backyards pose the overwhelming pressure of maximising the space when you have very little to begin with.

Regardless of the size of the project, landscaping a backyard involves a cost, and when you have to repair a leaky roof or fix a mould problem, not much is left over for your garden. However, it is possible to transform your garden into a space that you can be proud of, without the expense.… continue reading

House extensions increase property value

One of the most exciting things about owning a property is seeing its value increase over time. Whether you are looking to up your property value before selling, or just wishing to improve your home, a house extension is a worthy investment.

As a matter of fact, The Guardian recently found that a house extension can add up to 20% to your overall property value.

Alongside this, house extensions will improve your everyday home life. Whether you struggle with enough space for all of your belongings, or the kids constantly bicker about having to share a room, a house extension could provide the solution that you’ve been looking for.… continue reading

Genius Kitchen Home Innovation

As we’re slowly wrapping up the 2016, we are logically starting to wonder what 2017 has in store for us. Well, from where we are standing, it will not be a dull year, especially when it comes to home innovations. From new and unbelievable interior design trend to smart and connected appliances, the following year will make our homes better and more prepared for the future. It would be impossible to name all the things on the horizon, but here are a few home innovations you will most definitely love.

The Age or 4K TV Has Arrived

We have been hearing about it for years, but most of us could never afford it before – the TV with resolution so high that you can see pores on Thumbelina’s face.… continue reading

Handy tips for a DIY bathroom renovation

DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom? Perhaps you’re considering moving house and want to add some value to your home, or maybe your bathroom is so outdated it’s simply getting on your nerves. Whatever the reason for the home improvement, we’ve come up with some helpful DIY tips to ensure you get the bathroom you’re after.

Improving your toilet

Plastic toilets can look cheap, and sometimes, if you’ve bought a home off the plan, it might be a plastic toilet that comes as standard. Spend a bit of money on a ceramic model and you can create a modern touch to your newly renovated bathroom in no time at all.… continue reading

Remodeled Kitchen

Kitchen remodelling is one of the most useful house upgrades, and not only when you’re trying to sell. It can make your home a more pleasant place to spend time in and make some of your chores easier. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it shouldn’t have to put up with problems such as deterioration, outdated appliances, or any other inconveniences. Still, no matter how much you want to introduce a specific upgrade, it can go way over your budget and seriously jeopardize other projects you had in mind.… continue reading

Low Maintenance Garden

While it’s lovely to have a lush, vibrant garden to escape to for relaxation, rejuvenation, or to spend time with friends and family, gardens that require a lot of maintenance aren’t always viable if you have a busy lifestyle.

But don’t despair: there are many low maintenance garden landscaping options that will allow you to have your own garden paradise, without hours of upkeep. What will you do with your free time!

Here are 6 simple and easy low maintenance garden tips to inspire you.

Minimising weeds

A fantastic way to keep weeds at bay, as well as save your feet from the torture of stepping on prickles while out in your backyard, is to install a weed mat.… continue reading

Minimalist Garden Boundaries

If you’re one of those people who simply love spending time in their garden because it has a lot to offer and because it reminds you so much of real nature; if you want to step into it and immediately feel as if you were in a forest or a park, you probably won’t really like the trend that is taking the world by storm.

The “less-is-more” concept now dominates garden design, too. The days of cluttering our garden with every plant, item of furniture or water feature that we found attractive, without thinking how they would fit in are now gone.… continue reading

Polished concrete floors

The legendary designer Coco Chanel once advised: “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” In other words, less is more – and one of the hottest trends for home improvement is minimalism.

And when you take something away, you can create a stunning effect, especially when using polished concrete – where the everyday grey building material that forms the walls and foundation of many homes is transformed into a beautiful, minimalist feature.

Pondering polished concrete floors or walls for your home? Let’s look at some ideas and considerations.… continue reading

swimming pool shade sail

Installing a pool can be heavy on your budget, especially if you have a lot of features to add. But, it does not have to mean that you need to break a bank, you can make it easy on your wallet if you pay attention to small details. Moreover, be sure to look into finding the best deals and getting only the things your pool really needs. Future maintenance and pool improvements can be a cinch if you come up with a budget for it.

Upgrade Your Tiles

Although it might seem like a costly update for your pool, it does not have to be, and if you do it segment by segment, it can be even cheaper.… continue reading

Landscaping property value

People trying to sell their homes often look for any way possible to increase the property value. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling, as well as painting and depersonalizing the space are safe bets. However, sometimes, even doing these things won’t get you exactly where you want to be. As a last resort, people often turn to improving their exterior and landscaping in particular. Still, this poses yet another question: does landscaping really increase one’s property value? Let’s find out.

Good First Impression

For starters, you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression.… continue reading