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Polished concrete floors

The legendary designer Coco Chanel once advised: “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” In other words, less is more – and one of the hottest trends for home improvement is minimalism.

And when you take something away, you can create a stunning effect, especially when using polished concrete – where the everyday grey building material that forms the walls and foundation of many homes is transformed into a beautiful, minimalist feature.

Pondering polished concrete floors or walls for your home? Let’s look at some ideas and considerations.… continue reading

swimming pool shade sail

Installing a pool can be heavy on your budget, especially if you have a lot of features to add. But, it does not have to mean that you need to break a bank, you can make it easy on your wallet if you pay attention to small details. Moreover, be sure to look into finding the best deals and getting only the things your pool really needs. Future maintenance and pool improvements can be a cinch if you come up with a budget for it.

Upgrade Your Tiles

Although it might seem like a costly update for your pool, it does not have to be, and if you do it segment by segment, it can be even cheaper.… continue reading

Landscaping property value

People trying to sell their homes often look for any way possible to increase the property value. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling, as well as painting and depersonalizing the space are safe bets. However, sometimes, even doing these things won’t get you exactly where you want to be. As a last resort, people often turn to improving their exterior and landscaping in particular. Still, this poses yet another question: does landscaping really increase one’s property value? Let’s find out.

Good First Impression

For starters, you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression.… continue reading

Bathroom remodelling

Bathroom is the most personal room in one’s house, so there’s no doubt it should be designed according to the needs and desires of the members of household. If you’re living in an old house or if you have just moved into a new one where you couldn’t possibly have had a say in the design decision, you’ll probably want to remodel the bathroom to adapt it to your wishes and habits. Still, renewing the bathroom is much more than deciding and working – there are so many other considerations in between.… continue reading

easy garden tips

With your busy lifestyle, it can often be the case that when it comes to home improvement, the little spare time and energy you do have is put in behind closed doors – to the detriment of your garden.

But your garden is your own slice of paradise, and just because you’re pressed for time doesn’t mean garden landscaping should be put to pasture.

Here are some effective, easy garden tips to breathe new life into your personal paradise without breaking the bank.

1. Keep your lawn beautiful

A beautiful lawn is possible without doting on it day and night – you just need the right advice.… continue reading

Perfect Garden Fence

So for whatever reason, you have decided to install a garden fence in your yard or improve your existing fencing solution. It’s just a matter of setting aside a Saturday afternoon, grabbing the materials and a hammer and getting to work, right? Not quite. Like all home improvements, you will need to carefully think it through and plan meticulously so that your vision becomes a reality, so here are some tips.

What’s the purpose of your new garden fence?

The first thing to consider is what precisely you need or want the garden fence for. … continue reading


An empty wall is a sign of a house which is not yet turned into a home. Truly, a room without a focus wall can seem rather unappealing, unfinished and sterile. It leaves the impression that it is either a new or a freshly renovated house just waiting to be decorated. Tackling a big blank wall, although necessary, can be a really complicated task, which requires not only a lot of effort, but also imagination and creativity. If you are stuck in the emptiness of your bare walls, do not worry, we will try to get your creative juices flowing with the following ideas, and you will take it from there.… continue reading

Types of Pavers: Concrete Pavers

Choosing pavers for your garden landscaping? Before you go looking at paving patterns it’s important to know the best type of pavers for your purpose, budget and taste. In this post we’ll help you choose the right type of pavers for pools, driveways and paths. Let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of the most common types of pavers, clay, concrete and natural stone.

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Clay Pavers – As Rock Solid as Their Origin

The Romans paved their streets with clay bricks everywhere they went because all they needed was clay soil, water, and sun to dry them. … continue reading

burst colours garden

Gardens are alluring oases that provide healthy food and shelter from everyday stress. They are also inviting green sanctuaries adorned with a rich spectrum of colours. More and more people are migrating to outdoor spaces in pursuit of a rejuvenating pastime, and there is no better decoration than pretty flowers dotted across the landscape. The stunning natural environment ornamented with splashes of colour will leave you and any visitors standing in awe. So, roll up your sleeves and let your green fingers do their magic.

Leave a colourful mark

To assemble a vivid spectacle, it is best to first ponder on specific colours.… continue reading

wood with white walls

People living in the Scandinavian countries are well-known for their taste in interior design. They have come up with magnificent ideas on how to incorporate and maximise the light during the entire year. So, what is it that they do that makes each home in Denmark, Sweden and Norway so light, cosy, minimalistic and stylish? Here are a couple of tips on how to recreate the Scandinavian interior look in your own place with all of its beauty, simplicity and utility.

Colourful or colourless?

White is definitely the new black when it comes to the interior design trends.… continue reading