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Search Frog Acquires the House Home Blog

December 24, 2017 David Best

We are excited to announce that House Home has been acquired by the Search Frog local directory.

This change means we can be a part of a fast growing, world class local directory for Australia. Our content will bring value for readers and better connect local services, complimenting the extensive home services business listings on Search Frog.

We’ll continue to deliver quality home and garden content under the Search Frog brand and look forward to this next step in the journey:)… continue reading

Common spring pests in Australia
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7 Common Spring Pests To Watch Out For This Season

October 5, 2017 David Best

Spring is a beautiful time of year with flowers in bloom and the weather warming, but it also means some less desirable Australian spring pests.

While it’s true that you should keep an eye out for pests in and around your castle all the time, you may not know that depending on what season we’re in, you are more or less likely to encounter certain kinds of pests compared to others. To trained pest control experts, common household pests are actually pretty predictable critters. You can be ready to spot the early signs of spring pests and end a whole lot of pest-y problems before they wreak too much havoc.… continue reading

Signs of termite activity
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The 6 sure signs of termite activity in your home

August 16, 2017 David Best

For most home owners, there is one particular ‘T-word’ that strikes terror into the heart: termites. That’s because these little critters are an awful lot more than a nuisance – they can cause terminal damage to your valuable home, investment or business premises. Worse still, many signs of termite activity can go pretty much unnoticed to the untrained eye until thousands of dollars worth of damage is done – damage so severe that the basic safety structure of your home can even be irreparably compromised.

Luckily, there are ways in which these silent little munchers can be caught red-handed before too much damage is done – which is why we’ve outlined some of the things to watch out for below.… continue reading

Home fire safety
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How to Optimise Home Fire Safety

July 6, 2017 Lillian Conners

One of the greatest dangers every household faces is fire. A moment of negligence is enough for a fire to break out and destroy your home or even the lives of those dearest to you. This is why it’s important not to leave anything to chance, but take all the necessary home fire safety steps to prevent or properly manage emergency situations. When you family and home are at stake, there’s no cutting corners, which is why you really need to take the following advice into account if you wish to protect your home from fires.… continue reading

How to Organise, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move
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How to Organise, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move

June 29, 2017 Lana Hawkins

Without a plan and the right approach, the entire process of moving can become a nightmare that lasts for weeks. You can easily get stressed out and the feelings of anxiety and uneasiness can suppress the excitement of living in a new home. Since there’s a lot to be done, you need to start as soon as possible and create a plan that will make the moving process stress-free.

Creating a plan

A moving plan will guide and keep you on track through the entire process. Having a rough schedule and a checklist can help you relieve a lot of stress and prevent you from forgetting anything that needs to be done.… continue reading

Industrial look
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Wall Texture Ideas for a Truly Dreamy Bedroom

June 19, 2017 Lillian Conners

Forget about those boring paint swatches and swap them for some beautiful and interesting textures. You can use different textures to manipulate your bedroom’s depth, by playing with light and shadows, and create a unique atmosphere. Whether you want to go big or opt for a more subtle texture, one thing’s for sure: Your bedroom will look amazing. Let’s have a look.

Go big or go home

If you want to achieve a dramatic and bold look in your bedroom, you can opt for some textured wall panels. They are sold in sheets that can be easily attached to the wall and painted over.… continue reading

How to reduce noise at home
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How To Reduce Noise For More Peace and Tranquility at Home

June 8, 2017 Lillian Conners

It seems people are more focused on treating a disease than identifying its cause. Even when the agent has been identified, people are still reluctant to change their habits or the way of life. Aside from tobacco, there are many more or less obvious causes – lead, asbestos, mercury, pesticides, aerosols, and food like trans-fats. One of more alarming disease causes is noise pollution. According to WHO, it is harmful to every third person in Europe. Individuals cannot change their environment, but can do much to make their home a more pleasant and relaxing place with these noise reduction tips.… continue reading

Painting & Decorating Blog

2017 Interior Design Trends That Are All The Rage

May 24, 2017 Lillian Conners

Interior design trends are constantly changing. Each year we are introduced to new chic colours, patterns and textures that should be present in our homes. However, there are some that will always prevail no matter what the other trends are. These 2017 interior design trends are some of the hottest right now and they are probably here to stay for a while. What is more, you don’t have to renovate the entire house to incorporate these trends, since they are simple, but will entirely change the style and atmosphere of your home.… continue reading

Scandinavian Style Living Room
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The Basics of Scandinavian Style

May 23, 2017 Lana Hawkins

The Scandinavian style has taken the world by storm. It echoes the majestic aesthetics of the cold northern regions that are dotted with breathtaking lakes, forests, and mountains. At the same time, it is an epitome of the longing for cosiness, a notion that comes naturally during long and harsh winters. This remarkable style is a perfect choice to spruce up your home and embrace modern living at its best. Here’s how to give off the right ambience and put together a liveable home that oozes timeless aesthetics with Scandinavian style interior design.… continue reading

Backyard Garden
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Transforming Your Backyard into an Oasis of Privacy

May 17, 2017 Lillian Conners

There is nothing worse than trying to soak up some sunshine in your backyard while knowing that the rest of the world can see you at any moment. The lack of privacy can be quite frustrating, but luckily there are plenty of effective and cheap solutions you can implement in order to create your own private backyard oasis. Let’s take a look at some of the best backyard transformations out there.

Grow a garden

One of the most beautiful and effective view-blocking solutions is raising a garden. You can add to the height of the plants by growing them in raised beds or even berms.… continue reading

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