7 Common Spring Pests To Watch Out For This Season

Common spring pests in AustraliaSpring is a beautiful time of year with flowers in bloom and the weather warming, but it also means some less desirable Australian spring pests.

While it’s true that you should keep an eye out for pests in and around your castle all the time, you may not know that depending on what season we’re in, you are more or less likely to encounter certain kinds of pests compared to others. To trained pest control experts, common household pests are actually pretty predictable critters. You can be ready to spot the early signs of spring pests and end a whole lot of pest-y problems before they wreak too much havoc.

As we’re almost in the middle of spring, it’s the perfect time to run through a list of which pests are most likely to cause you trouble here in Australia at this time of the year. Knowing what to look for means you can plan for trouble, spot a problem early, and get rid of it yourself or call a pest controller.

So what are some of the most common spring pests?

1. Spiders

Warmer weather is awesome – with the possible exception of all those spiders. It’s impossible to ignore that when the mercury rises, so do those eight-legged rotters start to crop up around your place – and some of them in Australia are particularly nasty!

2. Bees

Useful they may be for making honey, but you don’t want a swarm of bees around your children as they splash in the pool for the first time since last summer. Bees become a problem in spring because they’re on the hunt for the pollen in your spring flowers – but a nest can be very tricky to get rid of.

3. Termites

Once those beautiful, balmy spring nights start to set in, you may spot some flying termites. While the little flying critters themselves may not be the ones causing all the trouble, their offspring are going to cause an awful lot of damage once they find something solid to munch on at your place. In fact, they’re nothing short of the most destructive pest in Australia –  so make sure you check for signs of termite activity around your home and especially keep an eye out for flying termites.

4. Birds

What other pests absolutely love spring? It’s our flying friends. Now, while birds are a beautiful animal, you don’t really want them deciding that your roof space or somewhere else around your place is a perfect place to nest. One reason is that they can actually carry disease. But there’s another reason, too…

5. Bird mites

… Birds also carry tiny bird mites, and in a single nest, there are likely to be absolutely thousands of them. Worse still, do you know what those bird mites feast on? That’s right: once they’re tired of sucking the blood of our featured friends, they can get to work on us!

6. Other Insects

And there are plenty of other pests that will begin to crop up more and more often from spring onwards. We’re talking about cockroaches and mosquitoes – which are both a nuisance as well as potential disease-carriers – as well as ants, ticks and many others.

Spring pests in Australia – what you can do about them?

Luckily, there are some things you can do to fortify your place against pests this spring. Right now is a great time to:

  • Fix that fly screen
  • Have a good old ‘spring clean’ of all those overgrown and cluttered areas inside and outside
  • Check those eaves and walls
  • Trim those trees and that foliage
  • Clean out those gutters, and
  • Seal those bins.

Still worried about spring pests? It might be a great time for your regular pest control inspection! It’s a great idea to have pest control experts check your place at least once a year and perhaps even more often – so if you’ve never called in the pros before, spring is definitely the perfect time to get started!

Image source: flickr

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