5 Cool Home Renovation Ideas For 2017

If your family is growing out of your house, or you’re just looking for a change, too many people conclude that putting up a ‘For Sale’ sign is the obvious solution. But why not think about a home extension? The truth is that, even though packing up, selling, buying and moving is extremely simple, people often dismiss the concept of extending because it seems too hard. Or maybe they just haven’t been given the best home extension ideas!

At House Home, we’re all about helping Australians get the most out of their place, which is why we’ve put together some great house renovation ideas to get you inspired and those creative, home renovation juices bubbling!

home renovation ideas
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1. Outside inside

If your existing layout isn’t making the most of outdoor living, then we don’t blame you for thinking about moving! With our sensational climate, opening up living areas to seamlessly incorporate an awesome outside space is a no-brainer, which is why we’ve given it pride of place at number 1.

2. A deck

While we’re on the topic of outside living, let us convince you to think about a deck with these questions: Have you ever not enjoyed sitting outside on a deck? Have you ever seen a beautiful deck that you wished was yours? Did you know that a deck is one of the easiest home renovations to add value to your property? Did you know they’re one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive home extension ideas?

3. A garden retreat

An inside/outside living space is one thing, and a deck is quite another – but the next best of our house extension ideas is a self-contained, entirely separate garden retreat or office. It will be perfect for work-from-home entrepreneurs who need something a little more secluded and quiet. Or for kids who will love having their very own ‘rumpus room’. You’ll love getting creative with the design, and it will add value to your home – particularly for the buyer looking to house their growing teenager who plays loud music!

4. Go upwards

Tearing off the roof to build upwards instead of outwards or inwards may seem drastic, but there are actually plenty of options. Perhaps you really are thinking about making a big change by adding a whole new storey to your home. Maybe it’s just another room, making use of any space between your ceiling and your roof, or taking advantaging of a sloping block with a raised extension. Just make sure you talk to a planner and your local council!

5. Split level

Speaking of sloping blocks, one of the more popular home extension ideas at the moment is split-level living. We’re talking about those five-star-style layouts that feature a lounge room – for example – that spreads across two floor levels. It could be a cool, deeply sunken TV-viewing area, just a single step downwards or something more drastic. No matter how split levels homes are laid out, either inside or out of the home, they almost always look really modern and cool.

Over to you!

So we’ve got you started – now it’s time to turn some of these house extension ideas into reality or simply use them as inspiration for something completely different. If you can think of something your fellow readers may love, you’ve ever put into action a home extension that really didn’t work, or you have something else to say, don’t be shy – we’ll see you in the comments below!

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