Are you considering a Port Macquarie home renovation or extension? Whether it’s adding rooms with a home extension, or that dream kitchen renovation you’ve been looking forward to, you can be sure few Port Macquarie locals end up regretting the process. To help with home renovations in Port Macquarie we share some tips on home renovation costs, planning, and finding a local home renovation builder to complete the project with great results.

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Reasons Port Macquarie Residents Update Their Home

Home renovation specialists in Port Macquarie report the top 3 reasons locals are renovating and extending as:

  • Houses are cramped. We’ve seen many a Port Macquarie home renovation done simply because … people grow! A house once perfect for a young family is soon full of bigger people – maybe it’s teenagers who need extra space, or parents who need somewhere to retreat from those teens! The extra shower or toilet provided by a bathroom renovation can be a lifesaver for any growing family.
  • A bathroom or kitchen renovation is long overdue. The kitchen or bathroom can be the first room in the house that seem outdated – and it can bring the sparkle of the entire house down. Therefore, a simple Port Macquarie kitchen or bathroom renovation is one of the easiest ways to make that entire house instantly more pleasurable to live in.
  • Increasing home value. An extra bathroom or bedroom can significantly boost a properties sale value or rental income. Port Macquarie home renovations and extensions can be a rewarding choice for investors in the ever booming Australian real estate market.

How much does a home renovation in Port Macquarie cost?

Like most home improvement projects, home renovation costs depend on the extent of the renovation, and the quality of fittings and finishes. A simple bathroom renovation could start from $8,000, all the way up to a $150,000 second storey home extension.

The key is to as accurately as possible detail your plans and expectations to get the closest estimate to what the actual project will cost in the end – and that is best done in the initial planning phase, rather than when those walls have already been punched out. So don’t rush this important step. Be sure to get multiple quotes for your home renovation and ask about any exclusions or clauses.

Port Macquarie home renovations professionals can assist in advising accurate and workable budgets and costs – and the same experts can then start to hone in on the finer details based on their years of experience – and finally get to work on your dream Port Macquarie home renovation! If you are planning a home extension in Port Macquarie it’s best to consult with local drafting services for accurate plans and costings.

A drafting service can also help with obtaining the required permits, don’t forget to factor this into your home extension costs.

Port Macquarie Home Renovation Tips

Renovating your home is a chance to create the perfect space for you and your family. So it pays to do some research to discover the latest in home renovation trends and ideas.

About Port Macquarie, Australia

Port Macquarie is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, about 390km north of Sydney. The town is located on the coast, at the mouth of the Hastings River. Port Macquarie and its suburbs had a population of 41,491 in 2011.