How to Organise, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move
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How to Organise, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move

June 29, 2017 Lana Hawkins

Without a plan and the right approach, the entire process of moving can become a nightmare that lasts for weeks. You can easily get stressed out and the feelings of anxiety and uneasiness can suppress the excitement of living in a new home. Since there’s a lot to be done, you need to start as soon as possible and create a plan that will make the moving process stress-free.

Creating a plan

A moving plan will guide and keep you on track through the entire process. Having a rough schedule and a checklist can help you relieve a lot of stress and prevent you from forgetting anything that needs to be done.… continue reading

choosing a removalist
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How To Choose The Right Removalists In 3 Easy Steps

March 15, 2017 David Best

There are only a few things more stressful or distressing than moving house and it’s crucial that you have the best possible removalists to help you with the task. Furniture removal is one of those jobs that can be done by anybody with access to a truck, but it takes far more than that to do it well. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice when deciding who to trust with all of your most valued possessions.

1. Take the time to look around

The market is flooded with a range of different removalist companies and it’s important that you give yourself time to properly examine the right candidates.… continue reading

Leave behind moving stress
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Reduce moving stress by leaving things behind

October 21, 2016 David Best

Relationship breakdown, divorce, starting a new job, planning big house extensions – all really stressful, right? Well, according to a study, moving house is even more stressful than that.
However, the average adult will do it five times in their lifetime, and the stress of the situation apparently lasts more than three months. So if you’re about to move, you could probably do with a golden tip: if you can, leave it behind.

That’s right: take the opportunity of moving house as an ideal opportunity to trim down. Because if you don’t need it now, or it’s just too difficult to move, why add to the stress by taking it with you?… continue reading

Downsizing your home
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Top Tips For Downsizing Your Home

May 21, 2016 David Best

Are you ready for downsizing your home, but not sure where to start? Is clutter driving you crazy? Would you think clearer and work more efficiently if only you could find the space? Here are some top tips that will show you how to downsize successfully – from getting organised, to finding a secure self storage unit, to getting in touch with a reliable moving company.

1. Plan your new home

This is the fun, inspiring bit! Downsizing your home means you get to come up with a brand new interior for every room, if you want to.… continue reading

Packing for moving
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Packing for Moving: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

November 14, 2015 David Best
Packing for moving

No matter what advertising blurbs say about removalists taking care of everything while you picnic in the park, packing for moving and storage is a serious business.

Here are the six mistakes to avoid. There are more but these are the big ones to watch for.

6 Packing Mistakes and 6 Hot Tips

Not Having a Plan – We hear stories each week about folk who make no attempt to prepare for their move day. As a result, nobody is sure what to load first, and where to place it at the other end.… continue reading

Self Storage Units in Melbourne
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Declutter Your Home with Self Storage

November 10, 2015 David Best
Self Storage Units in Melbourne

Do you remember Parkinson’s Law? It says that work expands to fill the time available for its completion. The same applies to the drawers we keep our socks in and the garages where we used to park our cars. We can move from a cluttered studio flat to a spacious four-bedroom spread but the clutter catches up with us sooner than we think, and it’s time to think about self storage.

Self Storage, Not the Same as Warehousing

A decent self storage unit is a separate, individually-alarmed garage with a tip-up door you can drive right up to.… continue reading

Moving In the Rain
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Moving In the Rain: Relocation Tips For Winter Weather

August 14, 2015 David Best
Moving in the Rain

Rain is great under the right circumstances. Tucking up in bed and hearing it on a tin roof is special. It is not the same when you locked your date in, tomorrow is your move day, the clouds are dark and the rain is threatening.

It’s best to be prepared ahead of time, even if you’ve hired professional relocation services – here’s our relocation tips in case it’s raining on your move day.

Rainy Relocation Tip # 1 – Keep Things Dry When Moving in the Rain

Clearly, you need to moisture-proof your stuff.… continue reading