Moving In the Rain
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Moving In the Rain: Relocation Tips For Winter Weather

August 14, 2015 David Best
Moving in the Rain

Rain is great under the right circumstances. Tucking up in bed and hearing it on a tin roof is special. It is not the same when you locked your date in, tomorrow is your move day, the clouds are dark and the rain is threatening.

It’s best to be prepared ahead of time, even if you’ve hired professional relocation services – here’s our relocation tips in case it’s raining on your move day.

Rainy Relocation Tip # 1 – Keep Things Dry When Moving in the Rain

Clearly, you need to moisture-proof your stuff.… continue reading

Choosing carpet fibres
Carpets & Flooring Blog

What Types of Carpet Fibres Are There?

July 10, 2015 David Best

There are three main types of pure carpet fibres available in Australia, namely Nylon, Polypropylene, and Wool. There is also a fourth variety being a blend of these. This may turn out more effective depending on the circumstances.

Nylon Carpet Fibres

Nylon is by far the most popular carpet fibre used today. It’s durable, versatile, and well priced. It can also be dyed to create a wide variety of colours and designs. Because Nylon is so easy to dye, it can be prone to stains.

To minimize this effect it’s advisable to have the carpet treated with a stain resistant product.… continue reading

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Carpet Styles To Choose From

July 10, 2015 David Best

There are so many carpet styles to choose from these days that it’s hard to make heads or tails of it all. Each one has its benefits and its downside. Lets take a look at each in detail to see what’s best for you

Cut Pile

Cut pile is created by taking loop pile and trimming the top. This results in a trimmed carpet that has a dense yet soft look and feel. This is one of the most popular carpet styles used in residential housing.


Saxony cut pile carpet is made from two or more fibres and heatset straight.… continue reading

Carpets & Flooring Blog

Types Of Flooring: The Ultimate Guide

July 9, 2015 David Best

There are many choices when it comes to types of flooring. Not only are there different kinds. There are also different designs, materials, and colours. Each type of flooring has it’s own characteristics, with it’s own attendant benefits and disadvantages.

Choosing Among Types of Flooring

The main types of flooring are Timber, Laminate, Carpet, Vinyl, Concrete, and Cork. Within each of these materials are unique colours, designs and styles that all have their own applications. When it comes to choosing what flooring type you’re after you need to think about:

How heavy will the traffic flow be?… continue reading
Garden Landscaping Blog

Building A Fence – Questions To Consider

July 9, 2015 David Best

Before you even attempt to build a fence, it’s important to work out why you are building a fence in the first place and what it needs to achieve. This will have a major impact on the type and size of fence you buy. Just like carpets there are many styles to choose from. Some of the key questions to ask are:

Height and Privacy

Should the fence be see-through or will it need to block visibility? How tall a fence? Do you want to stop next door peeking over?

Reason for Building a Fence

Is it being used to separate spaces or to confine something like a pet so they can’t escape?… continue reading
Carpets & Flooring Blog

Types of Timber Flooring & What’s Best

March 4, 2015 David Best

When it comes to types of timber flooring there are a number of options to consider. These depend on the foundation you’re working with, your budget, and the appearance you want. Each has it’s own unique look and benefits. Let’s examine each.

Solid Timber Flooring

Traditional boards are types of timber flooring  laid on bearers or joists above the ground. These typically come in 100mm and 150mm widths and various lengths. The standard thickness is 19mm. Thicker timber is available. Solid timber floors require adequate ventilation underneath to prevent warping.

This timber is traditionally available in three grades.… continue reading

Painting & Decorating Blog

Tips for Choosing a Paint Roller

March 4, 2015 David Best

Choosing a paint roller is critical to achieving a good job. After all, it’s the paint roller that lays the paint down, not your hand. You need the right roller material to suit the type of paint you are using. Cheap should not come into the picture when choosing a paint roller, quality should be the rule according to professional painters.

Not All Rollers Were Created Equally

Paint Rollers are available from all hardware and paint stockists. If you thought all rollers were created equally then you’re about to be proven seriously wrong.… continue reading

choosing a paint brush
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Tips For Choosing A Paint Brush

March 4, 2015 David Best

Choosing a paint brush can be quite confusing sometimes. We see row after row hanging in the hardware store, and nobody near to advise. Are all brushes the same? At first glance it may appear so. But there is more to the topic than at first appears to be the case. Let us big a little deeper into the thorny issue. So what are the snags, and what to look out for when choosing a paint brush?

All The Colours of the Rainbow

There are almost as many brushes out there as there are shades of color.… continue reading

Choosing An Electrician
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Handy Tips For Choosing An Electrician

March 4, 2015 David Best

Choosing an electrician can actually be a bit more difficult than you first think. The electrical field is so diverse in products and capabilities that it’s hard to find one that has a good grasp of it all. You’ll often find an electrician who focuses on specific products like solar, home automation, automotive work, emergency repairs, commercial and more. Make sure they can do the job before you get them out to quote.

How to Go About Choosing an Electrician

Ask to See Their License

All building electrical work requires a licensed electrician to carry out the service.… continue reading

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